Published On: Thu, Dec 18th, 2014

Paco Rabanne, from daring to fantasy

10-RSLRa-oPaco Rabanne: an iconic label, an atypical couturier who has been accompanying women in their irresistible quest for modernity since the sixties. Over and above his signature dresses, this Spaniard at heart and Frenchman by adoption revolutionised fashion and the then codes of elegance. Stylistic and artistic feats in which aptness and boldness overlap, outlining the silhouette of a woman in step with her time. This singular approach actually exists in a broader sphere than the famous metal dresses that made his name. A daring vision whose codes have been incorporated with the same aplomb into Paco Rabanne perfumes since 1969. Through its fragrances, the brand has been able to perpetuate a pioneering and avant-garde spirit for a wider audience and give tangible expression to the image of uninhibited and conquering femininity.

Playful and sensual femininity

One of the facets of the couturier Paco Rabanne’s visionary talent was his ability to dress the most beautiful women of his time without ever veering into banal generality. The slender Françoise Hardy, sculptural Jane Fonda and legendary Brigitte Bardot are all 20th-century icons who, besides their perfect physique, embodied a woman of both wit and sensuality. In short, a free woman. Bold and direct in his inspirations, from the outset the designer has affirmed his passion for gold, which he incidentally tamed in a famous dress for Françoise Hardy, and for diamonds, whose absolute nature has held him endlessly fascinated. Since Calandre (1969), Paco Rabanne has cultivated this tribute with extraordinary fragrances, finely crafted like haute couture dresses and olfactory vectors of universal and timeless fantasies. Paco Rabanne fragrances are women’s companions as they flourish, shine and take a bite out of life. A new chapter is opening up for the brand with Lady Million Eau My Gold!. A new radiance, liveliness and mischievous insouciance that suits it perfectly. A reimagined, joyful sense of femininity that has obviously not lost the charm of irreverence.

Eay my Gold!, Lady Million's new facet

True to its singular vision, Paco Rabanne is once again pushing back boundaries and daring to reach for a new dream. What if happiness were the ultimate fantasy? What if, in these troubled times and lives that have become increasingly complex, the ultimate luxury had become self-surrender, if only for a moment? Lady Million Eau My Gold! meets this legitimate desire, offering an episode centred on freshness and exuberance. After the delicious whims and daring story of the first composition, Lady Million Eau My Gold! is focusing on the concept of pleasure.
A pleasure that does not bask in rivalry, but has a playful and imaginative outlook. A spontaneity and effervescence that, like champagne, become a real joy bringer. This new fantasy boasts its own share of drama and the spectacular. Everyday life fades into the background, making way for an interlude of pure bliss: the centre of the universe, the focus of every gaze and object of every desire, the Lady Million Eau My Gold! heroine is completely immersed in this celebratory, uninhibited world. A name that is an exclamation, with a sparkling and iconoclastic play on words, highlights both its unique character and the fact that it joyfully belongs to the Lady Million family.

Like a Diamond

The facetted diamond, inseparably associated with the Lady Million family, adopts an elongated, more transparent shape. It also encourages a delicate feminine gesture, in which the fingers stretch out rather than grasp. The Lady Million Eau My Gold! bottle’s ethereal design largely reveals the light, golden shade of the fragrance. The weight of the glass and the engraving immediately evoke luxury, while anchoring the perfume in a celebratory and exuberant dimension. In this new version of Lady Million, the cap opens to reveal the ‘Eau My Gold!’ logo engraved onto the diamond itself, a symbol of the perfumes’ precious character.

A pleasurable freshness

The new olfactory accord based on green freshness is a new Paco Rabanne signature. Anne Flipo, the creator of the original Lady Million fragrance, surrounded herself with a great team, bringing together IFF and Paco Rabanne talents to meet the challenge of this new olfactory signature. “It’s a real exercise in style, especially when you were behind the original saga, not to operate by adding ingredients in relation to the existing formula but to rewrite it completely. Before coming up with the accord, I needed to immerse myself in the story several times. It is very important in my way of working, which is all the more obvious as it is one of Paco Rabanne’s strengths. This#LadyMillion #PacoRabanne 3
maturing period is essential because you mustn’t get the project wrong. Then, you have to hold fast right to the end because we were looking for a perfume of the same high quality.” So it was this idea of exuberance that determined the choice of this cheerful yet gourmand floral dimension. The very present green mango note adds freshness and sensuality. “It was worked in a balanced way, not too sweet, not too sulphurous, which would have evoked an overly ripe fruit. We prioritised a natural, appetising appeal, but above all the idea of pleasure, which is at the heart
of this fragrance story.” Lady Million Eau My Gold! is therefore composed around this vibration between mango and the zesty freshness of grapefruit. Violet leaf and orange blossom absolutes lend the floral heart a sparkling feel. Finally, cedar heart and ambery musks reveal their sensuality for an explosion of freshness.

Lady Million! ...It's her!
Paco Rabanne has chosen Hana Jirickova to embody this new femininity. At 22, the beautiful Czech blonde has already posed for top fashion photographers, such as Peter Lindbergh, Craig McDean, Mario Sorrenti and Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott. After spending two years in Paris, Hana has now been living in New York for a year. She combines refined beauty with a strong personality, two complementary qualities required to become the Lady Million Eau My Gold! ambassadress. Paco Rabanne was won over by her spontaneity and natural exuberance. A winning first
impression confirmed during the shoot for the commercial when Hana wonderfully slipped into the shoes of a sparkling showgirl.

Paco Rabanne called on the French director Alexandre Courtès to bring its new fantasy to life in images. Lady Million, alias Hana Jirickova, takes us into sparkling and sensual game of seduction. A showgirl in a giant cocktail glass whisks us away from reality and invites us into her world… of the imagination. Luxurious and bold, she snaps her fingers at convention and entices us into her sphere of ecstasy.

Two Savoir-Faire meet
Mischievous, gourmand, sophisticated, Lady Million is revealing a new facet of its sensuality and imagination. With Eau My Gold!, Paco Rabanne is taking us into a sparkling and celebratory, slightly intoxicating world, in which the fragrance transforms into a cocktail. From the very outset, the House of Paco Rabanne has moved in a powerful, experimental world of eclectic inspirations. And because Lady Million Eau My Gold! is first and foremost a story of pleasure and femininity, it was only logical to invite two women, two specialists with distinctive yet complementary expertise, to create a cocktail to reflect this new fragrance: a meeting between the know-how of one of the greatest perfumers of her time, Anne Flipo, and the internationally renowned mixologist, Gwladys Gublin. Mixology, the art of cocktails, just like the bars dedicated to it, has become an essential life skill in modern society. There are many similarities between creating a cocktail and a perfume. A fragrance and a cocktail are not initially intended to satisfy the same senses, but they are#LadyMillion #PacoRabanne 4 ultimately perfectly complementary. As Anne Flipo succinctly puts it, “the perfumer and the mixologist are both devoted to satisfying a pleasure”. After travelling the globe working in the field of art, Gwladys Gublin discovered mixology by chance. Newly arrived in Paris, she began working as a waitress in a specialist cocktail bar. She learned the ropes of the profession of mixologist through a mentor, who taught her the history of cocktails and educated her palate in different spirits and brandies. Today she is the one who, in turn, passes on her knowledge to her apprentices. With decided tastes, she is passionate about promoting regional produce from the Mediterranean Basin and reviving forgotten liqueurs. The first encounter was devoted to perfume: Gwladys discovered the fragrance through the words of Anne, who developed its different facets. Gwladysinternalised the story through their evocative impact and the perfume’s inspiration. Many meetings and discussions then followed, during which each of them learnt and was inspired by the other’s know-how to enrich the recipe of this unprecedented cocktail. The idea was to reflect in cocktail form the emotion felt when you smell the fragrance. The Eau My Gold! cocktail has been designed to offer a sensory equivalent rather than a carbon copy of the scent and its ingredients.

A cocktail fragrance
Gwladys Gublin: “First of all, I highlighted the freshness and cheer of the Mediterranean Basin with reassuring notes that are firmly anchored in our childhood memories, such as orange zest, barley water, lemon and orange blossom. Then, to bring a sense of roundness and evoke the appetising side of the fragrance expressed with green mango, I combined passion fruit, agave honey and cognac, whose sophisticated sweet side reminds me of the world of Paco Rabanne fragrances. To illustrate Eau My Gold!’s sensual and enigmatic facet, I added a few drops of Spanish Bitters, a flavour that concentrates saffron, camomile and violet. The final – essential – step is champagne to complete the cocktail and give it a chic and celebratory dimension.”
• Half a passion fruit
• 4 drops of Spanish Bitters
• 4 drops of orange blossom extract
• 2 cl squeezed lemon
• 1.5 cl agave syrup
• 1 teaspoon of home-made barley water
• 4 cl cognac
• Champagne top-up
• Orange zest



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