Published On: Wed, Jun 29th, 2016

Press Release: Jehovah’s Witnesses highlight loyalty

Jehovah´s Witnesses Highlight Loyalty 2SCHELPWIJK – This year’s Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses will highlight how essential loyalty is for healthy relationships with friends, family and, above all, with God. Bible based talks, interviews and films will showcase the good examples that Jesus Christ and other Biblical figures—both men and women—gave in this regard.

All in attendance will receive practical tips taken from the Bible on how to be loyal to God in their way of thinking, speaking and acting, thus promoting both their personal wellbeing and that of others. This kind of loyalty helps to cope with life in a world full of shocking events and challenges. It also helps in the interaction with people holding different opinions, having pressing worries or facing difficult problems.

On Friday, the examples presented will help us to be goal oriented and successful, without losing sight of the needs of others or of our personal relationship with God.
On Saturday, alarming examples of disloyalty will be contrasted with motivating examples of loyalty. A full-length film will show how Bible based hope and loyalty can give us the strength to overcome even the most painful of experiences.
The Sunday program gives realistic suggestions for continually improving our thinking and attitude. Using historical facts, the public talk will show how loyal love can and will eventually defeat all hatred.

The three-day program has 49 presentations on the theme of loyalty, with 45 illustrative short films and two full-length films – one on Saturday and one on Sunday. These weeks, the Witnesses are handing out personal invitations to everyone for this 2016 Convention: Remain loyal to Jehovah!:
English: 1-3 of July in the Multifunctional Assembly Hall at Schelpwijk, Curaçao
Español: 8-10 de julio en el Salon de Asamblea Multifuncional de Savaneta en Aruba
Nederlands: 15-17 juli in de Multifunctionele Congreshal te Savaneta op Aruba
Kreyol: 22-24 jiyè au Sal Wayòm Salsbach, Santa Maria # 40
Papiamento: 29-31 juli na Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort
Papiamentu: 22-24 di yüli na SDK, Brievengat (tur dia for di 13:20’ or + Sign Language)

All are welcome to attend and listen about the power of loving loyalty, in a peaceful setting. With the exception of the Curaçao Papiamentu convention, all programs start each morning at 09:20 hours with a music-video presentation. The entrance is free and no collections are held. For more information, to download the convention program or to watch the trailers of the two full-length films, please visit

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