Published On: Tue, Apr 19th, 2016

Spring Break workshops

Spring BreakThis coming Spring Break holiday I want to explore a few more activities that take place at Hofi Cas Cora.

On Wednesday 27th April we'll be 'Finding Zen' - a morning filled with yoga excersises to unwind the young mind, body and soul. A morning where we will be exploring a bit of peace and tranquility in the normally so bouncy kids. This morning will be concluded with a energizing lunch, cooked in the open by the kids.

Thursday will be our super creative day, we'll be playing around with designs and mosaics on the farm. There are a few designated areas where we can express our creativity that will last for a lifetime, we'll also be making some to take home :) As creative is the theme for theis workshop, the lunch we'll be cooking will be just as creative!

Friday is another fun-day! Our very own eco-guide Christy Prins will take us on a guided walk through the nature surrounding Hofi Cas Cora, learn more about the watering ways and the nature of this area. We'll head off into the woods early so when we return we can enjoy a wholesome picknick under the ageold tamarind tree.

Register for any or all of the workshops here:

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