Published On: Wed, Jan 3rd, 2018

‘Strength and Female Leadership’: 15th Annual Women Conference in Curaçao

Strenght and Female Leadership 2018WILLEMSTAD - Curaçao will host on May 26 and 27, 2018 the fifteenth annual women conference 'Strength and Female Leadership' at the Curaçao Hilton Hotel.

This 15th Conference in Curaçao is definitely a milestone for being one held every year consistently since 2004. Participants over the years have voiced the value their participation gave to both their private and professional life. Some of the participants did make decisions that really upgraded their life after participating in the conference.

Initiator and organizer Reyna Joe of BISInc, says that having a conference like this is more than a challenge since it is interesting to observe that especially young female professionals are not aware of how it became possible for them to have the opportunities they can enjoy at this moment in time.

'And thinking that what is normal now has always been like that, is another trap for many. It is at moments that they say something about being disappointed that they are willing to listen about the women who had to stand tall for women today to have what they have'.

According to Reyna Joe this is maybe also the reason that some women chose not to join this conference over the years because the lack of understanding made them think that this is a meeting for women to go against men, what definitely has never been expressed during any of the conferences.

'The goal of the conference is to provide working women from all walks of life who once asked: 'who am I', 'what else can I do' and 'is this what success is all about'; an annual weekend space, with a relevant topic of interest that will contribute to the personal and professional development of each participant resulting in them to be better for themselves, for their families and community'.

That is why this year the desire of the organizers is to have the courageous female participants bring their supporting half (husband, boyfriend, lover, son, father, any significant other half) to the conference and have the for sure awesome experience together.

The final preparations are taking place to again have only great speakers and relevant and interesting in-between presentations.

The promise again is an awesome event.

A conference of support

With this 15th annual women conference we continue to support and to empower women (and their families), who are combining work, family and life in general; the (female) student with ambitions to have a great career and also for male and female managers, business owners and human resource officers who need to understand more of the challenges and realities that professional women bring into a company and what messages and wisdom they will be leaving behind.

This year's topic will touch the power of strength of the female leader and how their (lack of) power influences their functioning. Each participant must leave the conference encouraged to know and to work on their own or their significant other's strength.

Strength and Female Leadership is the continuation of the conferences

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More information on the 15th annual women conference 'Strength and Female Leadership' will continue to be updated on the facebook page facebook/About Female Leadership and on

Feel free to contact the organizers for more info and for registration via e-mail

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