Published On: Mon, May 27th, 2013

The 10th Annual Women Conference in Curaçao: ‘You have to reconnect with your inner vision’

Women in politicsWILLEMSTAD - The message of the 10th Annual Women Conference in Curaçao 'About Women and Vision' was clear: every woman should know herself and reconnect with her inner vision. Vision is part of leadership; you can’t be a leader without vision. The conference took place last weekend at the Santa Barbara Plantation Resort, with female and male participants.

The conference organized by Reyna Joe started on Friday with the annual celebration of women where funeral house owner Crisma Henriquez-Ramirez (72) received the Outstanding Woman 2013 Award. It continued on Saturday with four insightful speakers Jocelyne Josiah, Omayra Leeflang, Martha Llanos and Mariano Heyden.

Retired UNESCO staff member and consultant from Guyana Jocelyne Josiah explained that women should tap from their resources within. Women bring other dynamics to the table than men. Female leaders are for example more emphatic, flexible and are willing to take more risks than male leaders. Therefore women and men should work together.  Martha Llanos psychologist from Lima, Peru and a child-women rights advocate, talked about celebrating human greatness. She also said that women should reconnect with their inner visions. “You will re-member, rediscover, and reclaim the woman perhaps you have forgotten to be. A sense of her also comes through the vision; through sights of great beauty.” She also explained the eight keys of leadership vision which are: the key to withdraw, discriminate (discern), judge (decide), accommodate, tolerate, cooperate, let go and to face.
Member of Parliament Omayra Leeflang told the participants of the conference that a vision originates from a dream. She shared her dream at the conference. She hopes that someday Curaçao will not be known by its physical size but by the quality of the competence of the people.  Leeflang asked the participants if they’re ready to find ways to make their ideas into a plan and their plans into visions that they can share with others and find others to make that vision which started as an idea a reality.
Finally it was journalist Mariano Heyden who emphasized the importance of exploring your talents and concluded that everyone should have an alternative profession they can fall back on when things don’t work out. “Don’t be unidirectional otherwise you will suffer.”

During the conference there were different other activities such as the High Heel Tea, a golf clinic and information on corrective lingerie and the power of women’s circles. The focus is now on the next Annual Women Conference that will take place in Suriname in 2014.

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