Published On: Mon, Sep 16th, 2013

The “Arepa” Day on Curacao

Venezuelans around the world got together in 64 cities to celebrate the #DíaMundialDeLaArepa (#WorldArepaDay). All the way from Wellington, New Zealand to Calgary, Canada.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWILLEMSTAD - This past Saturday, Venezuelans celebrated #DiaMundialDeLaArepa (#WorldArepaDay) in 64 cities of the world. The Venezolanos en el Mundo (VenMundo) organization, sponsored by different Venezuelan restaurants around the world, celebrated Venezuelan gastronomy with its most well-known dish: the arepa.

On Curacao, about 300 Venezuelans attended this event which took place at Finca IMG-20130915-WA020Farandula in Rondeklip. During this event, Venezuelans and friends enjoyed the typical Venezuelan plains atmosphere, Venezuelan music, horses, children’s playground, and of course arepas! Over 600 arepas with different fillings were baked during this event organized by VenMundo and sponsored by Sambil Curacao, Arepas Ná Guará, Dakisteel, Spin Internet Media, Totto,, and America Solutions Pest Control.

Besides the celebrations that took place in Curacao, this worldwide event also happened in different cities in Venezuela: Caracas, Maracay, and Ciudad Bolívar; in Germany: Berlin, Frankfurt, and Dusseldorf; in Buenos Aires, Argentina; in Australia: Brisbane and Sydney; in New Zeeland: Raglan and Wellington; in Graz, Austria; in Brazil: Sao Paulo and  Rio de Janeiro; in Canada: Calgary  and Toronto; in Santiago, Chile; in Colombia: Barranquilla, Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Medellin, and Cali; in Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Galicia, Las Palmas de la Gran Canaria, Valencia, Zaragoza, and Mallorca; in the USA: Atlanta, Miami, Houston, New York, Orlando, and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWashington, D.C.; Dublin, Ireland; in Norway: Stavanger, Oslo, and Trondheim; in Lima, Peru;  in Ecuador: Guayaquil and Quito; in Bern, Switzerland; in Bussum, Netherlands; in Italy: Rome and Milan among other cities around the world.

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