Published On: Thu, Jan 10th, 2013

The art of Camouflage

Military has a hold on fashion for many decades. From the timeless trench coat, developed as an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats worn by British and French soldiers in the First World War to military dessert boots, senior officer’s inspired jackets and Army air forces aviator sunglasses. While some aspects did not survived more than two seasons, others have begun to flourish; with camouflage currently ranking above the rest. The military's default undercover uniform has become a rather conspicuous trend.

For Spring/summer 2013's runway and trend, designers and labels create the brand new camouflage pattern. The closer pattern give an intricate illusion while the wider pattern create a statement. Army green and olive green are no longer primary choice. Dries van Noten using more traditional type with a twist, Kenzo be more with digital prints. But bright red in Marc Jacobs or terracotta in Pringle of Scotland's sweater are ready to try in the streets. Camo pattern also appears in bright blue, the color of this season, in John Galliano and Dirk Birkkermsberg.

The key to pulling off camouflage patterns is to pair them against neutrals colors and pieces. Adapt to the new style environment in camouflage and stand out with simple shirts, denim jackets and chinos .Due to the social stigma that is often attached, camouflage can be one of the more difficult prints to wear without attracting instant attention from others. Camouflage is a very masculine pattern, pair it up with catchy accessories to feminize things up. All camouflage everything is a no go, unless you’re fighting for our freedoms somewhere middle east.
Camouflage is usually less about being invisible than it is about not being noticeable. Thank God for fashion, turning everything on its head – worn with style, the camouflage trend is bound to get you some eye catchers upcoming summer.

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