Published On: Fri, Feb 22nd, 2013

Valerie Parisius follows her heART

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In 2011 Valerie Parisius, born on Curacao, set out to travel for 2 months and she has been on the road ever since.

During her trip she has keeps a travel diary where she draws her feelings and the people she met along the way.
Her illustrations are a meditative practice where she works through her emo- tions healing herself with colors and repetitive lines. Supported by the positive feedback she got from fellow travelers she started to make postcards of her illustrations, holding exhibitions wherever she goes. This developed into illus- trations on iPhone covers, pillows, murals, designing logos and having her own jewelry line that she sells online.

Valerie explains her motivation to live a life that she always dreamt of : “I felt like I was swimming against the current in Holland as I was creatively blocked and it was hard to find my dream job,as it turned out, I had to go out there and create it myself. Now I’m being swept away by the river called Life taking me to places and meeting people I could’ve only dreamt of. My life is filled with magic and wonder again which I infuse in my work.”

Her new found love for life can be seen in her joyous and colorful illustrations that also give away her roots growing up under the sunny Caribbean sky and the colorful Handelskade in her heart.

With her websiteand Facebook page she docu- ments her journey with photography with the same love she puts in her illus- trations and aims to make her life her biggest piece of art filling the world with color and also to show others what is possible if one dares to dream and take a step into the unknown. To find freedom in every moment and to take responsi- bility for the life that you are actively creating.

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