Published On: Mon, Apr 29th, 2013

‘Walk 5 minutes in someone else’s shoes on Queensday’

Curacao CaresBesides the usual fun Queensday festivities, and this year’s King’s inauguration celebration, Punda and Otrobanda will host the striking duo of Curaçao Cares. Amid the orange partygoers, stands and stages, this duo wants to remind Curaçaoaons of all ages, with their witty game 'Walk in someone else’s shoes", the importance of volunteering.

There will be something for everyone in Punda and Otrobanda on Tuesday, that’s a given. The preparations for the festivities in the city are already  in full swing. In addition to all the dancing, shopping and music you will also find Curaçao Cares with their interactive game 'Walk in someone else’s shoes. " Initiators Deva-Dee Siliee and Lysayé de Windt want to draw attention to the importance of volunteering, but in a playful and comical way.

Curaçao Cares
Curaçao Cares is a recently established organization that wants to match flexible volunteers to community service projects, and will function as a bridge between (corporate) volunteers and non-profit agencies. The organization is an affiliate of the international HandsOn network, a network of volunteer action centers all over the world. Via the soon-to-be launched online platform of the organization (, volunteers can be linked to projects that best suit their schedule and interests. The organization also assists companies that seek greater community engagement and that would like to share the time and talents of their employees with the community. Curaçao Cares has recently entered into a partnership with three major local companies. "Whether you want to share your expertise ‘pro-bono’ occassionally, or want to roll up your sleeves and get hands-on, we want to help you find an appropriate and flexible project," said Deva-Dee Siliee and Lysaye de Windt. "But on Tuesday the main spotlight is just on the importance of volunteering, giving back and sharing with each other. Everyone, but really anyone can, through small acts, make a positive difference. We want to help you on your way.  We’ll start by helping you in the shoes of another ". Partygoers of all ages can participate in 'Walk in someone else’s shoes " game on Queensday. Do not miss them at Renaissance and in Punda this Tuesday, April 30th. Sign up on their website to stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

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