Published On: Tue, Jul 4th, 2017

“Has Petya Ransomware reached the Caribbean?”

PetyaA new widespread ransomware is spreading and causing distress to corporations and government across the globe.

Here is what we know for sure and what you need to know:

  • Petya seems to be a better written which increases the success and infection rate
  • Petya does not have the weaknesses and built-in kill switch as WannaCry did
  • It uses two layers of encryption and locks your files and the computers entire hard drive.
  • It was reported that several Government institutions in Ukraine got hit along with Russias biggest oil exporter Rosneft along with US based pharma giant Merck
  • The ransomware asks for $300 US paid in Bitcoin to unlock a victim’s system.

As ransomware also typically spreads via email, we ask that caution is exercised when opening unknown files. The best advice for dealing with ransomware hasn't changed since WannaCry and hence we would encourage companies to take regular and complete backups, patch software as soon as possible and ensue you have invested in a robust antivirus or antimalware software.

By Deon Olton

Deon Olton, is an experience cyber security professional with the Caribbean Cyber Security Center ( and has assisted multiple organizations to improve their security posture, has written extensive articles for popular publications, written annual cyber security predictions for the region and appeared as a guest on tv and radio interviews. Mr. Olton’s experience in telecoms, ICT and Cyber Security has allowed him to perform multiple roles in IT Risk Assessment, Security Awareness Training and long-term strategic IT planning.  As the Project Lead for the Caribbean’s first and only indigenous Cybersecurity public awareness Campaign, with a mission of “Keeping Caribbean Citizens Safe Online”, he is responsible for the online web portal, creating public service messages, developing age-appropriate presentations for parents, schools and the elderly.

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