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LACNIC 20 – LACNOG 2013: “Committed To The Future Of The Internet”

BTPWILLEMSTAD - One of the largest annual gatherings of the community of Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean, the next regional event LACNIC / LACNOG, that seeks to create a forum to exchange experiences and discuss key issues for the future of the Internet in the region and globally, will be held from October 28th until November 1st on Curaçao.

This event will be attended by more than 400 experienced professionals from leading organizations as well as representatives of governments, academia and civil society. The event will take place in the World Trade Center.

This event will bring together LACNOG 2013, the meeting of the Network Operators Group of Latin America and the Caribbean, a forum for discussion, learning and collaboration on issues directly related to Internet network operation. On this occasion, the Global Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams, FIRST, also joins. This will take place on October 28th, parallel with the six technical tutorials (Admonitory IPv6 BGP Routing and RPKI, DNSSEC Resource Management Internet, IPv6 in fixed and mobile access IETF meeting).

On Tuesday 29th of October at 18:00 o’clock a Peering Forum will take place, a space that aims to provide the opportunity to discuss and negotiate peering and transit agreements with relevant Internet Service Providers, Content Providers and Internet Exchange Points in the region.

LACNIC 20 agenda includes, among others, the current information security challenges, strengthening the participation of all stakeholders in Internet governance versus government control proposals and the new scenario post IPv4 exhaustion and the first successful experiences with IPv6.

These topics will be presented by distinguished speakers from those who are influential global and regional experts, among others, Alvaro Retana (Cisco Systems),

Brian Dito (OAS CICTE), Cristine Hoepers Elgeline Martis (CARICERT), Fernando Gont (Si6 Networks), Jan Zorz (Internet Society), Julimar Lunguinho (, Paul Ebermans (Infoblox), Thomas Lynch (Ericson) and Christian Martin (Cisco System).

LACNIC 20/LACNOG has the valuable support of SLS,, Verizon Terremark, AMSIX Caribbean, Google, Internexa, Icann, Netflix, Antel and the great contribution of its organizers, Bureau Telecommunications and Post (BT&P), Internet Society and LACNIC.

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Below follows detailed information about some speakers of LACNIC and experts in various topics in the field of Internet.

LACNIC : Raul Echeberría - Executive Director of LACNIC

Raul Echeberría, Uruguayan, Executive Director of LACNIC (Internet Address Registry for Latin America and Caribbean) since 2002. Since May 2006, Raul Echeberría is part of the Multi-Sectoral Advisory Group (MAG) of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), appointed by the Secretary General of the United Nations. Raul Echeberría is also a member of the Internet Society (ISOC) since 2008 and served as Chairman of the same between 2009 and 2012. He is recognized for his contributions to the development of the Internet in the region. His leadership has been instrumental in placing LACNIC in a central role, both regionally and internationally.

Internet Governance : Ernesto Majo - Area Manager of External Relations and Communications at LACNIC

Ernesto Majo is Area Manager of External Relations and Communications LACNIC, being in charge of strategic management of corporate communication, the relationship with the various stakeholders, the generation and implementation of cooperation projects for development and external training program.

Previously he was Coordinator of Institutional Cooperation (2006-2007) and was responsible for the management of development projects such as AMPARO LACNIC, +Estate, 6 Deploy (EU) and FRIDA Program which was his first coordinator (2004-2006).

Before joining LACNIC, Ernesto held various senior positions in operational and strategic organizations, agricultural research and technology transfer of Uruguay, and was also a consultant to the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) and the IADB (Inter-American Development Bank).

Security: Carlos Martinez, Head of Security and Stability Program LACNIC

Carlos Martinez Cagnazzo is an electrical engineer and has worked in information technology, computer networks and telecommunications for over 10 years. His experience includes operations, maintenance and planning of IP networks working for the largest ISP in Uruguay and has participated in several projects of computer security and software development.

His internet areas include security, routing, network engineering and DNS / DNSSEC.

He works since September 2010 as a research and development engineer at LACNIC, where his main interests and current projects include Resource Certification (RPKI), IPv6 and DNSSEC. Carlos is also a university lecturer in the area of computer networks.

Arturo Servin - Technical Area Manager LACNIC

Dr. Arthur L. Servin Niembro currently works as Technical Area Manager at LACNIC. Prior to LACNIC he worked as a research engineer, consultant and director of networks in various organizations in the United Kingdom and Mexico.

Dr. Servin received his PhD in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York to develop its research in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Network Security. He also has Masters degrees in Management, Telecommunications and Electronic Systems Engineering, both awarded by the ITESM Campus Monterrey in Mexico. Dr. Servin has worked on several innovative projects including the development of Internet-2 in Mexico where he served as Chairman of the Development Committee of the Red and Coordinator of the working group on IP - Multicast.

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