Published On: Fri, Aug 3rd, 2012

Windows 8′s UI isn’t Metro any longer, so stop calling it that

If you've become accustomed to calling Windows 8's new, smartphone-like interface by its given name "Metro," you'll want to erase that portion of your tech vocabulary rather quickly. Microsoft has revealed via an internal memo that the name just doesn't cut it with one of its European partners, and thus will have to be changed.

Windows 8's flashy new front is a big change from what PC devotees are used to — rather than a plain old desktop with tiny icons, users can organize large tiles which launch programs, update your social network status, or even monitor the weather. For many months now, Microsoft has been preparing the public for the switch, and the name "Metro" fit the new, modern style rather perfectly.

The company makes no mention of exactly why the name didn't sit well with its European brethren, and unfortunately a new name hasn't yet been decided upon. But the company must have met some serious push-back in order to change such and important aspect of the OS's most innovative new feature just months before the product's October 26 retail launch.

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