Published On: Tue, Apr 10th, 2018

5 reasons why social networks revolutionized tourism

Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Snapchat have changed daily life and of course the interaction between consumers and companies. One of the industries that has mutated has been tourism, what are the reasons?

social mediaEach time the impact of social networks becomes more noticeable in consumer habits of the customer. Our way of interacting and the way of buying has changed. When entering the Internet we are not only users wanting to share, but we are people consuming and selling, without realizing it. Here are some of the ways social networks have changed tourism as we know it, forever.

1. The best tour guide is internet
The internet and social networks have made planning a trip a global dialogue. Today, most users plan their vacations around the information obtained through the internet. TripAdvisor numbers show it:
77% of travelers, before booking a hotel, check the reviews on TripAdvisor. 50% do so before selecting a restaurant and 44% before selecting an attraction.

2. The traveler is the greatest influencer
Whether it is to share the beautiful view from the hotel room or an acid critic about the care in the establishment, the traveler is the first promoter (and, if applicable, detractor) of the destination to which he travels. Eighty-two percent of travelers carry their smartphone and half of them report their experience through social networks, while 25% do so on specialized opinion pages.

3. And he wants to talk to the hotel
The tourist staying in a hotel will look for social networks to either share a good or bad experience, and need to be attended to. It is essential that if you have a social networking strategy, monitor the hashtags associated with your brand and values the users comments. Think that a loyal customer has a 7 times less cost of conversation than a new customer.

4. It is increasingly important to share the experience
As the sector realizes the importance of social networks for attracting potential customers and retaining current ones, they develop strategies to share the moment. Today more hotels encourage customers to share photos on social networks with hashtags designed by themselves. With travel being the topic most posted on Facebook and 46% of tourists check in at a place while on vacation. The strategy sounds smart to achieve the lead generation goals.

5. It is the place to show our offer
Social networks are one of the best marketing weapons for tourism, because through social networks we can not only convey what the added value of the business, but create the need. How many users will not be in the office while they see a facebook post of a paradisiac beach that says: "You deserve a vacation. Visit this destination" and meditate on your next vacation plan and where do you want to go? That is the point of the strategy, to create a need to offer our solution as the ideal alternative. And just one figure tells us: 52% of people are inspired by social networks to plan their next trip.

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