Published On: Fri, Feb 20th, 2015

80% Hotel Occupancy in January 2015 – Changing the Game…

WILLEMSTAD - CHATA starts up the year with great hotel performance results. CHATA recently reported its figures collected by STR.

CHATA Hotel occupancy resulted at 80% for the month of January 2015. This is considered the 1st time after 3 years that Curacao enjoyed a hotel performance at 80% for the first month of the year. Previous years DATA show that Curacao reached this number in the year 2011 with 79.99% in Hotel occupancy, followed by 73.40% in 2012, 68.80% in 2013, 72.70% in 2014 and now 80% in 2015. (See table below)

Year                           2011           2012           2013          2014           2015

CHATA Hotel        79.99%      73.40%    68.80%     72.70%       80%
OCC% January

According to STR, Curaçao enjoyed a higher OCC% in January 2015 compared to many other Caribbean islands. For example Aruba had an OCC% of 67.8%, Trinidad with 63.9% and Jamaica with 75%. Other islands that enjoyed a hotel performance between 79-82% included the Dominican Republic and Cancun.

A better performance was also measured by the Average Daily Rate and Revenue per available room.

Year                               2011                      2012                     2013                     2014                       2015
ADR January            $118.12                 $168.57             $172.07              $170.55                  $176.61
REVPAR January    $85.62                  $123.70             $118.44               $128.68                 $139.91

CHATA Hotels registered a higher Average Daily rate compared to the previous 5 years of hotel performance. CHATA has seen a steady increase in the rates being offered in the market, which will in return increase the revenue available per room.

“The longer term outlook appears positive at present says Ms. Lizanne Dindial, CEO of CHATA. The hotel performance for the first month of the year has improved considerably, which will reflect back in our economic growth. Tourism is Economy and our Hotel performance is expected to continue to improve in the coming months. One of our goals for the industry is to grow our OCC% with a focus on our Average Daily Rate, and these are signs that our collective partnership efforts are bearing fruit."

CHATA’s outlook for the first quarter of 2015 is very positive, growth within our sector is important, and is part of our game plan...

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