Published On: Thu, Dec 20th, 2012

Benchmark Hospitality: our motto is “Strive for Excellence”

WILLEMSTAD — Benchmark Hospitality International, the new manager of Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curaçao, that took over the management of Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curaçao last weekend with 26 people from the United States, stated the resort strives for ‘excellence’ and becoming the ‘best’ resort on the local market.The management introduced itself to the community by means of a press conference yesterday. “We were given a warm welcome the past days, also by the personnel, and are proud to be part of this beautiful resort. The personnel have shown themselves to have a pure and engaging personality. Benchmark considers a high level of service of paramount importance. This dedication must eventually come from the employees themselves and doesn’t have anything to do by definition with training or occupation.  We therefore hope the personnel will adopt the Benchmark philosophy and standards and will come to love the company”, said Alex Cabañas, President Business Development & Finance of Benchmark.

He explained not to draw any comparisons with the management of Hyatt with which the owners of the resort, Santa Barbara Hospitality NV, were discontent. Under the management of Hyatt the resort missed their targets for the revenues of 2011 with almost 12 million dollars. The occupation percentage for that year fell approximately 22 percent short of expectations. Consequently also the revenues and the 50 percent occupation percentage in 2012 were less than planned.

“I can inform you that we use a very aggressive marketing strategy and I think that’s why the owner approached us for the management. It hadn’t gone well lately and we must now focus on the market to differentiate that we will simply become the best. Despite the top location, offering a place to sleep in a beautiful environment with a ‘more of the same’ attitude is simply not enough. Hence an aggressive approach to distinguish ourselves and make the entirety a paying concern”, said Cabañas, who is returning to the US today.

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