Published On: Wed, May 21st, 2014

Captivate an audience of Cruise Executives and Tourism Stakeholders at the FCCA Trade Show

FCCAPEMBROKE PINES - The 2014 FCCA Trade Show, taking place in St. Maarten from October 6-10, will offer exhibitors an invaluable opportunity to target a prestigious audience of tourism stakeholders and cruise line executives, presidents and CEOs.

Over 1,000 stakeholders from all sectors of the cruise tourism industry, along with over 100 FCCA Member Line cruise executives, presidents and CEOs, will gather in St. Maarten for the FCCA Conference & Trade Show-a four-day series of workshops, meetings, social functions and, of course, the Trade Show.

The Trade Show will be the best way to capture the attention of this prominent audience, allowing exhibitors to maximize the foot traffic of important decision makers focused on sourcing new business and expanding existing business.

Exposure will be supported by the Trade Show's front and center position in the Conference facility, with all attendees entering and passing through in order to access meetings, workshops, business sessions and registration. Plus there will be designated times when cruise executives have private viewings of the Trade Show.

Any booth will put an exhibitor's product, company or destination on the mind of these pivotal tourism stakeholders and cruise executives that decide where ships call and what is sold onboard. However, specialized pavilions will increase attention and allow a destination or large company to showcase their numerous offerings. Additionally, private meetings with cruise executives will be available in the pavilions.

To learn more about and/or register for the FCCA Conference & Trade Show, please visit:

To secure a booth or pavilion, please contact James Kazakoff at (+1-954-441-8881).

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