Published On: Sat, Jan 20th, 2018

Curaçao Sail Foundation announces Velas Latinoamerica 2018

P1090211WILLEMSTAD - During a press conference at Hotel Otrabanda, the Curaçao Sail Foundation announced that Curaçao will be part of the Velas Latinoamérica 2018.

The Saint Anna Bay harbor will be packed with so-called tall ships for three days. These ships will sail into the bay on July 15 this year. It is the first time that the island is one of the ports of call on the Velas Latinoamérica route.

During the visit of the eleven vessels with a total of 3,500 crew members, there will be allP1090217 kinds of activities on both sides of the Anna Bay. The boats are open to the public free of charge for three days. It’s a wonderful event during the holiday month for families and visitors. According to Curaçao Sail Foundation, the first and the last day are all about traditional rituals such as salute shots and 'blessing of the sails'.

Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) supports Curaçao Sail Foundation by not charging any port fees. There is also no need to pay for the services of pilots and tugs. The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) has started the promotion of the big sailing event. CTB expects that many tourists from abroad will fly to Curaçao to experience the Sail Curaçao, but also that sailing and motor boats will sail to the island from countries and islands in the region.

VELAS LATINOAMERICA 2018 / Latin-America Sails 2018 International Tall Ships Event

tallshipsHistorical background.
South America Sails 2010.
The bicentennial celebrations of the first independence movements in South America, led the Chilean and Argentinian Navies to organize, in a combined way, this first international Tall Ships Encounter, in order to enhance these significant events. (It is important to state that, Colombia, México and Venezuela were also in this group of countries that initiated their independence movements in the year 1810.)

Naval Inter American Conference 2012
The Commanders in Chief of the Navies gathered in the XXV Naval Inter American Conference (Cancún, México in May 2012), after analyzing the continental repercussion and the valuable experience obtained during the development of “South America Sails 2010”, agreed to repeat this activity every 4 years.

Latin-America Sails 2014
During the Cancún meeting in 2012, the Commanders in Chief defined that the name would be “Latin-America Sails”, that the 2014 version would be organized by the Argentinian Navy and the one in 2018, by Chile. In this 2014 version, 8 ships of 7 countries participated.

Latin-America Sails 2018
During the XXVI Inter American Naval Conference that took place at Buenos Aires, Argentina, in September 2014, the Commanders in Chief confirmed the Chilean Navy as the organizer of the following version in 2018.

The Republic of Chile and its Navy, will be celebrating during 2018, different events:

  • The country will be commemorating the Oath of Independence that took place two hundred years before.
  • The Chilean Navy, founded along with the Republic, will be celebrating her bicentennial.
  • Chile will also be celebrating the Bicentennial of the creation of its Naval Academy “Arturo Prat”, the Marine Corps, the Naval Commissary, the Supply Core and most importantly, its first organized Fleet set sail that year.

Country project
In consideration of the importance of the events that will be held, the Chilean Govern has determined that this challenge will be faced as a Country Project, committing all State agencies.

Apart from the following (already invited) countries, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, México, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, other countries outside the region have also been approached. In the following months, as their acceptance to participate have been received, we will post the information on this Page. The countries that will be visited by the Fleet in 2018 and that do not have tall ships are: Panamá, Curaçao and the Dominican Republic.

Facilities & Activities
The Organizers expect that various facilities and activities will be offered to the Fleet of Tall Ships when visiting; the various countries have already been informed. Curaçao will offer the fleet the same facilities as always plus some extras.

Surf the Chilean website (see below) to follow the Itinerary ... and stay tuned for more...

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