Published On: Mon, Apr 23rd, 2018

Delta Plan needed to save corals in the Caribbean

CoralsDEN HELDER - Prof. Dr. Han Lindeboom has used his retirement speech from Wageningen University & Research to make a strong case for a 'National Delta Plan' to save the corals in the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom.

At a farewell symposium at the Royal Marine Institute in Den Helder, Lindeboom told his audience on Friday that it is a huge challenge. "Due to pollution, erosion, coastal development, overexploitation and climate change, the corals threaten to disappear within 15 years. If we do not do something quickly, not only will fantastic nature disappear, the economies and safety are also at risk. "

Lindeboom's Delta Plan includes improving water quality, strengthening local economies, combating erosion, harmonious use of space, sustainable fishing and strengthening nature management on land and underwater.

"Problems are often approached from the perspective of organizations that come up with and realize the solutions. But it often goes slow via the authorities. My commitment is to see stakeholders such as residents of the islands, local businesses and tourists as part of the solution. By actively involving them in the solutions and making them owners, a new energy can be unleashed on the islands. This leads to sustainable solutions for nature, but also to resilient economies with powerful, local societies."

Lindeboom has spoken to all the island people who want to work to develop initiatives with the residents. "There is a sea of possibilities in the Dutch part of the Caribbean. We do it for the generations that come after us," says Professor Han Lindeboom who has been working for the protection of seas for more than 30 years and is determined to continue with it.

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