Published On: Mon, Aug 26th, 2013

Divers Alert Network (DAN) visited Curacao August 9 to 15 for their annual Board of Directors Meeting

DAN event-2013WILLEMSTAD - DAN is the recreational diving industry’s largest association dedicated to scuba diving safety, providing emergency assistance worldwide.

During their stay at Santa Barbara Golf and Beach Resort, they had the opportunity to dive in Curacao with Ocean Encounters Diving and as part of the program prepared for the CHATA Dive Task Force, they visited the newly installed Decompression Chamber, where Dr Winkel, SEHOS Director, made an introduction.  Afterwards at the Sea Aquarium Auditorium, and Dan Orr gave a lecture on diving safety  After the lecture, CTB sponsored a cocktail hour at Augusto’s.   The event attended by over 70 people including representatives from 15 local dive centers.

Included in the Dan Group were:  President and CEO, Bill Ziefle, President of DAN Foundation Dan Orr, and several dive celebrities like Michael Lang, Sylvia Earl, Kathy Weydig, Jul Ziefle, Lee Seliski, Drs. Bill Anylan and Wayne Massey, Attorneys Joe Poe and Doug Stracener, Brad Lally, Rachelle Deal, Virginia Parker, Panchabi and Harry Rodgers.

This visit was very important for Curacao as a dive destination because of DAN's reputation and relevance in the Dive Industry

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