Published On: Thu, Apr 26th, 2018

Diving once again allowed at Superior Producer

_DSC1845WILLEMSTAD - Diving in the vicinity of the two mega piers Jacky Voges and Tula and or the Superior Producer wreck when vessels are not moored, is at the diver’s own risk. Diving in the vicinity of the two piers and or the Superior Producer when vessels are moored at one of the piers is strictly prohibited.

Curaçao Ports Authority N.V. (CPA) hereby announces that the waterside construction of the second mega pier Tula has finalized. Based on the foregoing the prohibition to dive at the wreck “Superior Producer” is canceled as of today.

A warning goes out to all divers that commercial vessels are regularly at and in the surrounding area of the mega piers. Please be reminded that when there are vessels moored at the piers, no diving is allowed in the vicinity of the piers and or the Superior Producer wreck.

Please note furthermore that in the event that diving takes place when there are no vessels at the piers, this is done at the own risk of the diver, as was the case previously after the construction of the first mega pier. These risks may entail material damages and physical injuries, which may even lead to fatalities. CPA does not accept any liability of any kind if the foregoing should occur.

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