Published On: Tue, Sep 22nd, 2015

Flavors of Curaçao Treasure Hunt great success

5 Uniformed Teams hunted down the Flavors Treasure in Punda

image5WILLEMSTAD – Today CHATA organized the race to find the key to the Flavors of Curaçao Treasure Chest. 5 Uniformed Groups participated in this race, which required them to make cocktails, shoot shout out videos after which they received the final clue. The final clue led contestant Laura Gouw to the key that was on top of the DUSHI sign on Wilhelmina Square. Laura Gouw Wins an AA sponsored round trip to Miami, 2 Flavors 2015 Tickets, NAFL. 100 Worth of Tokens and 2 Flavors 2016 tickets.

As a consequence of CHATA’s Flavors of Curaçao Treasure Hunt Campaign, there were numerous submissions of potential contestants whom had taken selfies in front of restaurants participating in Flavors of Curacao. The 5 contestants with the most likes were chosen as the winners of the first round, making them eligible to participate in the treasure hunt.

The Treasure Hunt was short but required quite some creativity from the participants, as quite some Flavors of Curaçao elements were included in the Treasure Hunt. The first step was to make a cocktail at the Academy Hotel with which they had to take a selfie and post this selfie on CHATA’s Facebook page to receive the next clue. The clue led the participants to the Kleine Wharf, where they were required to shoot a Shout out Video and post this on CHATA’s Facebook page. After having obtained 10 Likes for the Shout Out Video post, they were provided with the final clue, which led Laura Gouw to the Flavors of Curaçao Treasure Chest key which was on top of the DUSHI sign on Wilhelmina Square.

CHATA congratulates Laura Gouw with the prizes and extends a special thank you to American Airlines for its partnership in Flavors of Curaçao and the Flavors of Curaçao Treasure Hunt.

CHATA and American Airlines will be raffling more prizes during Flavors of Curaçao, hence the importance not to miss out on this unique opportunity on September 27th!

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