Published On: Thu, Feb 23rd, 2017

Hofstede: “Blue Bay is now more than just the plantation house and the beach”

P1070655WILLEMSTAD – In a recent interview with the Director of Development of Blue Bay Resort, Walter Hofstede, he indicated that many people know Blue Bay (Blauw Baai) because of the historical plantation house and the beach. Many locals used to enjoy the beach years ago. But now the entire area has been developed. This is the reason why the Blue Bay Resort has organized the open house, especially for the locals.

“Everybody thinks about going to the beach, but in the meantime, there are more than 500 houses constructed in the area with an 18-hole golf P1070668course. We have, of course, the beach with all the facilities and three restaurants. There are also vacation homes, hotels and lots where people can build their own homes.”

The open house was not just for new developments in the resort but for the locals and all those interested to see the entire area. “When you are buying a lot or a house, you become part of a community. When you are moving into a new neighborhood you want to see who your neighbors are. Can I walk here? Can I swim here? You will want to know everything about the area before you make a decision to buy,” said Hofstede.

“Many people think that Blue Bay Resort is very expensive but with this open house, we want to show that even with 250 thousand dollars you already have a nice place to live in a good and safe neighborhood. A house with two bedrooms, a swimming pool and access to the beach.”

P1070643Hofstede also indicated that the resort is not only for the locals but also international clients who would like to have their dream house on the island. They can buy a house and rent it out as a vacation home. “This is a good investment for international clients. They can come twice a year on vacation and they’ll have their own house. They don’t need to stay in a hotel.”

Blue Bay has now more than 200 rentals and, according to Hofstede, they have perfected this system of vacation rentals. These rentals are being rented almost every day. This rental system is also available for locals.

About 40% of the residents are permanent but during high season the resort can be pretty busy. That can be noticed at the restaurants, the beach and the golf course. During high season there are many Americans and Dutch who spend their vacations at Blue Bay.

“But we are also very grateful to the local community. I think it would be very difficult for us without the local community.”

Walter Hofstede knows the island very well. He has been here for about 16 years on the island. His wife doesn’t want to leave anymore. He has been working for Blue Bay since last year January and before that he used to work for the construction company Jansen de Jong. He has developed plans for affordable homes for the local people. He knows the island very well.

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