Published On: Thu, Nov 28th, 2013

How important is ambiance for a great dining experience? L’Aldea Steakhouse has one of the best!

Hand carved by Esteban Ferrales Pompa

Hand carved by Esteban Ferrales Pompa

Inspired by Mesoamerican Cultures and the Arawak Indians, this exotic venue combines service and ambiance in Curaçao.  L’Aldea Steakhouse will immerse you with its surroundings and you will enjoy more than just amazing food.  The decoration will make you want to stay and soak in the atmosphere, to look around and enjoy the place.  L’Aldea will wrap you up in the entire experience, and when you leave you will go feeling “special”.

You can enjoy a full day of afternoon activities.  Arrive around 3:00pm and relax with a pedicure done by Dr. Fish.  Take a tour of L’Aldea, Amazonia Rainforest and get to know more about the Arawak Indians and 130 different species of animals from the Rainforest, where the Indians originally lived. Finally, wrap the evening with an All-You-Can-Eat dinner, including the best Salad Bar on island and 18 different meat cuts; a simply one of a kind experience in Curaçao!

Enjoy a great dinner, and an awesome experience.  For reservations call 767 6777 or visit us at

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