Published On: Fri, Feb 13th, 2015

January 2015 recording double digit growth, 13% more stay over visitors

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD - The year 2015 started off very well with positive news for the tourism sector when double digit growth in arrivals was registered for the first month of the year. The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB )is pleased to report that 4.945 more visitors were welcomed to our island in January 2015. All together a total of 42.604 visitors were registered, recording a 13% increase. In January of 2014, stay over visitors numbered 37.659.

As predicted the effect of the new route from New York with JetBlue is clearly reflected in the positive performance of the USA. Stay over arrivals from North America increased by 24% in January with a total of 7.781 visitors compared to the 6.263 visitor arrivals in January 2014. The United States with 5.010 stay over arrivals recorded a 21% increase. When compared with the lackluster performance of the US market last year we clearly see the importance of adequate airlift as an outlet for latent demand created through PR and Marketing efforts. Acquisition and maintenance of airlift capacity through pro-active and co-operative marketing efforts remains one of the CTB’s prime objectives in 2015 as well. Canada recorded a 31% increase with 2.771 stay over arrivals this January 2015. This increase is directly attributable to the start weekly service from Toronto (West Jet, Air Canada and Sunwing). As of January 1st the new seasonal route from Montreal with Air Canada has also been instrumental in growth out of this market. In addition, the combined marketing actions with partners in the tourism industry caused a marked improvement in performance of North America.

The South American market increased by 37% in January 2015, with a total of 13.074 stay over arrivals compared to 9.551 in 2014. From Venezuela a 45% increase is registered, a total of 8.893 visitors were registered in January 2015. Brazil, Colombia and Suriname also registered an increase in stay over arrivals. These are respectively 43%, 17% and 19% more visitors. In absolute figures Brazil, Colombia and Suriname registered 1.721, 1.081 and 654 stay over arrivals. The new route with InselAir from Guyana that started on December 18th is also reaping results in this market. A total of 163 visitors were counted; last year only 43 Guyanese visitors were registered, a 279% increase.

The European market recorded a flat performance 0% growth in January 2015. The region provided a total of 17.917 stay over arrivals compared to the 17.902 recorded in January 2014. The main producing country, The Netherlands increased slightly by 1% with 13.803 in January 2015 compared to 13.686 in 2014. January is also well known as the peak month throughout the year from Holland, the only month since last year that registers a minimum of 13.000 visitor arrivals. Germany also grew recording a 14% increase in January 2015. A total of 1.525 visitors were welcomed. Last year this same month recorded 1.343 German visitors.

Stay over visitors to Curaçao from the Caribbean region decreased by 3% in January 2015. A total of 2.482 visitors were registered. Aruba registered a decrease of 9%. In 2015 1.345 arrivals are recorded from this country. On a positive note, the direct flight with InselAir from Trinidad and Tobago that started on December 15th 2014 is reflecting back in the visitor arrivals. A total 486 visitors were registered for a 48% increase.

Visitor Nights and Accommodation

In terms of visitor nights CTB reports a 9% growth. The preliminary statistics show total of 404.731 nights in January. Last year, January recorded 372.242 visitor nights. The North American region recorded a 20% growth. Visitors from this region spent all together 62.405 nights for an average of 7.67 nights per visitor. From the South American region a 41% growth in visitor nights is registered, with an average night per visitor of 6.89 nights. The visitor nights from Europe stayed flat, recording 0%, in absolute numbers 219.916 nights. The average nights per visitor are 12.18. The Caribbean region registered a decrease in visitor nights. A total of 16.080 visitor nights is registered, 11% less than January 2014.

The information gathered from the Embarkation/ Disembarkation Cards shows that 71.1% (30.273 visitors) of the stay over visitors stayed at one of the registered accommodations in Curaçao. The share of arrivals among large hotels, small hotels, bungalows, apartments and guesthouse is respectively 32.4%, 14.9%, 14.9%, 7.9% and 0.9%. The number of visitors that stayed at a non-registered accommodation is 12.331. This is 28.9% of the overall arrivals.

The average number of nights spent on the island is 8.98 in January 2015. Last year for the same month we registered an average stay of 9.73. Although the North and South American regions registered more visitor nights, the statistics show that from North America the average number of nights is less than last year and from South America a slight 0.01 less night per visitor was registered. The impact on the overall average visitor nights is also influenced by the European region. The main reason is that 54.3% of the overall total nights are booked by Europe and from Europe we note a flat performance in visitor nights, which results in a lower average night spent per visitor in January 2015. The table below shows an overview of the average number of nights spent by region.

Utilizing the ‘Turistika Model’, CTB and MEO calculated that for the January 2015 the tourism sector was directly responsible for generating $40.1 million US dollars into the local economy. In January 2014 the tourism sector generated a total of $35.5 million US dollars. European stay over visitors, who visited Curaçao in greater numbers during January 2015, spent a total $18.1 million US dollars, about 45.1% of the total. They were followed by the South Americans who spent $11.2 million US dollars and the North Americans who spent $8.3 million US dollars. The Caribbean visitors spent a total of $1.6 million US dollars in 2014.

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