Published On: Wed, Dec 27th, 2017

Keys tourism industry in 2018

tourism_2018In the coming year even more travelers use technology to discover a destination or accommodation before booking. The challenge will be to live as who ignore this phenomenon will be very relegated

Chatbots, my travel, virtual tour guides ... In recent years, technological advances along with travelers' needs are evolving by leaps and bounds experiencing major changes in the way it is done and tourism markets, but What technological and tourism trends for 2018 are?

Tourists here and now 

in this new year 2018, tourists increasingly less time will plan their trips, booking and hiring all the services you need for your trip (transportation, accommodation, excursions etc.). This new trend will come booming different technological applications and websites, in which you supply the user tocreate their own packages with just one click.
Another trend that must be taken into account is the use of mobile devices for travel search globally. 94% of leisure tourists use various devices to plan your trips, also according to a study published by PhoCusWright Europe is experiencing promising growth in reserves for mobile, but without a doubt, China is staging the exponential rise. 
Significant reasons for the growth of mobile bookings are quick and easy to find and book travel on these devices.

Chatbots, the new technological revolution in the tourism sector 

Artificial intelligence has come strongly, the use of bots in the tourism sector is becoming increasingly common and is becoming the perfect assistant during travel. Because it helps us find and book the flight or the perfect hotel according to our needs and preferences, as well as answer questions that arise during the trip. 
According to the study Mobile Travel Report 2017 50% of Spanish claims to have made use of chatbots.

Virtual reality

For 2018, virtual reality will allow us to transform the way we perceive and we promote tourist destinations in a very similar to the actual experience.

Most websites will use 360 videos, video mapping and interactive videos. Thanks to these technological advances, you can visit the hotel or your next vacation destination from your own home. 

A real example is "The Wild Within VR Experience" created by the travel agency Destination British Columbia, which aims to provide a virtual experience, Encroach the consumer on an adventure through virtual reality glasses Oculus.

Hotels are not far behind and invest in virtual reality to attract future customers. The operator Destinology has created for its 40 virtual hotel guides through Google Street View, so future customers can take a virtual tour and see in detail all hotel facilities.

Ultimately, travelers are more social, active and increasingly digital, and only the innovative companies that meet the needs of the traveler, survive the new trends coming hard in this 2018 more tourism and technology.

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