Published On: Tue, May 29th, 2018

Now you can travel between Curaçao and Havana, Cuba with Sunrise Airways

P1080923WILLEMSTAD - The Haitian airline is expanding its wings and making its home port a true hub. It is now possible to travel from Curaçao to Havana Cuba with Sunrise Airways. There is only one stop in Port au Prince, Haiti.

You will have to wake up early to check in for your flight from Hato airport to Port au Prince. Yes, you have to be there at 4 in the morning. But the positive side is that you will arrive early in Havana. You won’t lose the day like with other airlines. The flight from Port au Prince to Havana is about 1 hour and 45 minutes. The aircraft, a modern Airbus A320 is very comfortable and the stewards and stewardesses really go out of their way to pamper you during your trip. So sit down, relax and enjoy the flight. Before you know it you are in Cuba.

Now, that you can travel to Cuba from Curaçao, the only question remains, why are you waiting?

Cuba has been since long a premium destination for Dutch citizens and others as well. Sunrise Airways works with various travel agents on the island that can help you arrange the best trip and accommodations possible. Or you can choose to book your trip and go explore Cuba by yourself.

P1090562You can visit historic Havana, churches, cigar factories, artists’ studios, art galleries, museums, nightclubs and restaurants, UNESCO heritage sites or beaches outside of Havana to lounge or go scuba diving. Or take the 3-hour bus trip to Viñales. Amazing place with its untouched natural parks.

If you decide to go by yourself it will take some work in the beginning. The first two days will be spent exploring the city on foot or with a driver so you learn the layout of the city. Havana is large, but the locations of interest for visitors are mostly concentrated in a few areas. During your stay you will want to visit museums, art galleries, churches, historical sites and relax at the outdoor cafes to enjoy a pleasant meal.

And, of course, you will enjoy music while you are in Havana. As you walk in the street, music will pour out of radios in people’s homes. There are nightclubs, jazz clubs and nostalgic musical reviews like Cabaret Parisien at the Hotel Nacional. Small bands play in cafés and bars where you can enjoy the music called “son” that was popularized by the movie, the Buena Vista Social Club. There are also groups playing in the streets. Make sure you have a few CUC’s (Cuban money) to help these musicians.

You can’t go to Havana without encountering vintage 1950s and 1960s American cars. When you are riding in the back seat of a beautifullyP1090540 restored convertible 1958 Ford Fairlane, you will look up at the passing palm trees and enjoy the warm breeze on your face, imagining that you have slipped back in time.

Cuba is different. It’s not a place where you go and criticize their way of life. Just pull your handbrake, slow down and let it all sink in. Trust me you will enjoy it.

Book your flight now with Sunrise Airways and enjoy Cuba. Viva Cuba!

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