Published On: Fri, Dec 4th, 2015

Stay over Arrivals Continues to Positively Impact our Economy

Tourism generates 39.1 million US dollars in October 2015

WILLEMSTAD - Tourism continues to contribute to the growth of our Economy. In October The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) reports a direct contribution of 39.1 million dollars into the economy, this is a 1% growth compared to last year’s contribution of 38.6 million dollars. The emphasis in the North American market with increasing the airlift from this region in combination with the strong traffic from Europe is proving to be successful. Despite the strong dollar that is affecting Colombia and Brazil we have managed to increase the financial impact to Curaçao. The economic impact per region is as follows:

Region Oct 2015 Oct 2014 % Change
Europe 17.1 16.5 4%
South America 12.3 14.2 -13%
North America 5.6 4.1 37%
Caribbean 2.4 1.9 26%
Others 1.7 2.0 -15%
Total 39.1 38.6 1%

Figures reported are in millions of dollars

The number of recorded arrivals for the month of October shows a slight decrease of 1%, which brings the total number of stay over arrivals to 41.620 visitors. Last year, the CTB recorded 42.159 visitors. Although there is a decrease registered in the number of stay over arrivals, we can see a slight increase in the economy of the island.

Stay over arrivals from region

Visitor arrivals from the European region grew by 3% in October 2015. The region provided a total of 16.805 stay over arrivals compared to the 16.256 recorded in October 2014. The consumer confidence in the Netherlands, our main source market, is very high. The fact that Curaçao is perceived as a destination with good weather and sun we see a further increase of 4% from this country. From Germany the CTB registered a growth of 1%. In absolute figures 1.957 German visitors were counted in October 2015.

The North American region was up by 35% in October 2015. From 3.819 stay over visitors last year to 5.166 stay over visitors in October 2015. A 26% increase is registered from the United States which represents in absolute figures 4.351 stay over arrivals. The combined public and private sector commitment in marketing efforts for the remainder of the year will continue to book a positive outcome from the USA.

The CTB is committed to achieving strong and solid year-round growth out of this market that will lead to the targeted increase in airlift. The year-round service from Toronto with Air Canada rouge continues recording exponential growth. A total of 815 Canadians are registered in October. This is a 121% increase in visitor arrivals from Canada.

The South American market marked a 14% decrease in October 2015, with a total of 14.053 stay over arrivals compared to 16.347 in 2014. The Venezuelan country marked a 15% decrease in stay over arrivals in October 2015. By monitoring the situation in Venezuela closely over the past months, the CTB had already foreseen a decrease in arrivals and prepared to step up marketing efforts in Colombia. In October traffic from Colombia decreased by 25%. Although an increase is expected from the country as a result of the recent elimination of the visa requirement, the US dollar conversion is higher and thus in their disadvantage. This is also the current situation in Brazil, where this month a 29% decreases is registered. The CTB is monitoring both countries as they are great potentials from the South American region.

The Caribbean region increased by 19%. A total of 3.449 stay over arrivals are registered during October. From Aruba we registered 3% increase with a total of 1.754 stay over arrivals. Trinidad & Tobago has also contributed to the increase of the region. In total the 727 visitors in October 2015 represents a 129% growth compared to 2014.

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