Published On: Tue, Aug 26th, 2014

The Christoffel Park – rough nature at its best

SONY DSCThe Christoffelpark is the most famous national park of Curaçao. This 2.000 hectares park is located in the far west and is also the largest park on the island. Christoffelpark is well known for its abundant mix of plants and wildlife and each year attracts a lot of visitors. The park includes a mining complex and three former plantations.

Inside the park is the 372 meter high Christoffelberg, Curaçao’s highest hill. It’s named after the explorer Christopher Columbus and is climbed by many. From the west coast of the island you can already have a panoramic view of the Christoffelberg, which at first can make you think it’s not a hill, but a volcano because of its significant cone-shaped peak.

There are eight hiking trails, allowing the visitor the choice between an easy stroll, or for instance, a challenging hike to the top of the Christoffel mountain (recommended for early morning). Scenic car routes take you through underbush, around hills and across sea swept bluffs. The park also organizes special activities, including safaris, deer watching, animal presentations, cave excursions, a guided park tour and many special trips like occasional full moon walks and sunrise safari’s.

Besides natural riches the park also offer much in the way of culture and history. Plantation Savonet is one of the earliest plantations to be set up on the island and is one of the most complete plantation complexes with structures including the plantation house, store houses, dams, wells and much more. The former plantation house now locates Savonet Museum. This is one of the cultural highlights of Curacao and definately worth a visit. There is a seperate entrance fee to the museum, but if you want to visit the museum as well as the park special prices apply.

All in all visitors will need a minimum of 1 day to explore all attractions of the park.
Visitors are welcomed from Mondays to Sundays. At the front desk our personnel give all the information about possibilities and tours. Driving through the park on the paved routes with your own car is one of the possibilities as is hiking on of the selected trails. To get better image of the park and its natural resources we suggest you participate in one of the guided trips offered almost daily. It is recommended to make a reservation for a guided trip.

Mondays to Saturdays: 07.30 AM – 16.00 PM (No admittance after 14.30 PM)
Sundays: 06.00 AM – 15.00 PM (No admittance after 13.30 PM)

* If you want to climb the Christoffel mountain please come in the early morning. Make sure you start the hike before 11.00 o'clock. Due to the hot wheather conditions it is not allowed to start the climb later.

Adults: Nafl.21 or US$12
Children 6-12 years: Nafl. 7.50 or US$4.50
Children 0-6 years: Free
Group fee: Nafl.15/ US$ 8.50 (groups must consist of 15 people or more)

Combination tickets for Christoffelpark and Savonet Museum*

Adults: Nafl. 28 or US$16


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