Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2018

The future challenges of luxury tourism

luxury travelLuxury tourism continues to grow by leaps and bounds worldwide but its level of demand does not reduce the margin of error for both destinations and tourism companies. We share 15 trends that are expected, will mark the step in the coming years.

The luxury tourist, is a professional between 30 and 40 years old, with languages and a greater knowledge than the average about the destination to which he wants to travel. They usually have a level of income of more than 150,000 euros per year, usually repeat destination and accommodation and usually concentrate their trips between the months of August and December.

A commitment to the local: this type of tourist puts the experience before other elements and wishes to be immersed, to feel part of the destination. They want to know the local perspectives, stories and establishments that remain outside the most beaten itineraries.

Authentic, but without sacrificing comfort: bet on the "sense of place", but with all the comforts that could be found in other more conventional destinations. Personalization: the details are what counts. The idea of individuality, that is, that the trip feels unique, that the traveler perceives that there is total dedication to him.

Being the last: the most modern is the most sought after, without forgetting that the service must be extraordinary.
Daily surprises: many travelers want to reach their destination, stay in a large hotel, but without closed plans, leaving the days and activities to be consulted, agreed on and designed on the spot.

An ethical view: This type of tourist is interested in having his visit framed in actions and projects with great purposes, that is, little environmental impact, social support, etc. Unexpected combinations: that normally have nothing to do with what is expected of a certain destination.

Fun with food: destinations that highlight the gastronomic side and add something different, are in fashion.

Long-term planning: the traveler is placed in the hands of professionals who design activities for several years, taking into account the changes in the age of the children, the new emerging destinations, the international political situation, etc.

Leave destiny to luck: choose the destination according to an event, a recent article in the press, etc.
Exotic places: this type of traveler seeks new destinations, away from those more mature and with a high component of originality.

Auxiliary services for everything: these services provide all the details to the traveler.
The human touch: travelers want to interact with other travelers, not just feel like numbers in the profit account of tourism companies. They value personal connections enormously.

Art is the new kitchen: Hotels turn into art galleries and even have resident artists.

In short, the trends would continue a path already marked by other types of tourism where the local, the exotic, the personal and the ethical, among other issues, go hand in hand to generate an authentic and quality product.

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