Published On: Mon, Jun 15th, 2015

Welcome to the HATO Caves

HatoThe Hato Caves is located on the north side of the island and only two minutes from the International Airport of Curacao.

The Hato Caves being more then 200.000 years old is the biggest and most prominent cave on the island. Since 1991 the Hato Caves were opened officially to the public after undergoing an intensive upgrading by the Government to make it accessible by foot. Nowadays the Hato Caves can be considered the most beautiful and public friendly cave of the island.

Curacao is formed in layers going up in height called terraces. While most caves are to be Hato1found in the second terrace, the Hato Caves are uniquely found in the third terrace of the island.

The Hato Caves is a great park to visit. You will be delighted to see seldom long-nose bats, beautiful limestone formations, a romantic water pool and a statue of mother Maria holding here only child.

At The Hato Caves you will experience the beauty of Curacao’s nature, history and culture.

Opened daily from 09 AM till 4 PM.
*Entrance fees valid till October 31th 2014*
Ages 4 till 11 years old; Naf. 10,50 or $6,-
Age 12 and older; Naf. 14,- or $8,-
Special group rates available upon request!

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