Published On: Tue, Aug 28th, 2012

BREAKING: Mitt Romney becomes official nominee

TAMPA - This afternoon, Mitt Romney officially became the Republican nominee for president, “passing the required threshold of 1,144 delegates in a roll-call vote of convention delegates” at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, according to the Washington Post.

5:40pm – Mark that time, the exact moment that Romney officially got the delegates needed to oppose Barack Obama in his bid for re-election. He’s lost the “presumptive” tag and has cast aside the speculative doubt from the Ron Paul supporters to garner the nomination.

While this nomination has seemed inevitable for quite some time, the official nomination comes with access to the general election money the campaign has been raising for months. With a substantial cash advantage over the Obama campaign, expect to see the campaign unleash a media-blitz over the next few months.

Here’s to real Hope and Change from Romney in 2013, not that empty rhetoric from the other guy we’ve had for the last four years.

Source: IJ Review

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